Internet, TV, & Wireless Services.

"Unbiased Advice at the Best Price"

Our Mission:

To provide an unbiased review of the Internet Services, TV Services, and Wireless Services available. We ask for your potential service address, (our promise is to never spam or market using any personal info). 

We use a database tool to see all providers, promotions and bundled reward offers you qualify for based on your address. We discover you needs during an easy conversation about your Internet, TV, and Wireless Service habits. Next, our consultant makes an unbiased service recommendation that is customized for you! The discovery process takes about 3-5 Minutes. If you like the offers, your consultant can help you place the order and schedule your installation.

If our offers are not best for you, we will make sure to point you in the direction of the out-of-network company that best suits your needs and covers your area. As an independent company we can compare the pros and cons of multiple providers for you. It is in our best interest to offer you the service plan that will make your life easier.

Have you ever called up a cable or satellite company? Sure you have. And possibly, like a lot of people we meet you were not correctly sold a plan that fits your family's needs and considerations. When you call a provider directly they train their employees to tell you they have the best services or to highlight their features and downplay their negatives. We are just not convinced that this method has your best interests in mind.

So, we compare the providers on their merits, features and costs with your needs in mind. Our approach not only helps you and it also helps the providers. It helps you, because by offering you options then service providers have to focus on winning your business. The results are lower prices and better features. Our approach helps you and the providers, because our customers are more likely to keep services for a longer period of time when they are correctly sold. This means our business will always have the lowest prices available on the services you want!

We just believe this is the right thing to do. We constantly receive service requests from friends of customers and non-customers who were referred to us. We impress people with our dedication to a customer friendly business model that puts people first!

In today's world more and more people search for the best deals on flights, hotels, investments, mortgages, and auto insurance, just to name a few! We try and bring that same concept to the Internet, TV & Wireless Services Industry. Our team of service consultants are internet, TV and Wireless experts you can trust. They are well trained in Internet, TV and Wireless features, plans, speeds, and data.

Our founder has years of installation, sales, and technical experience. He instilled this mission into our sales team & company. Our representatives are better prepared to understand your needs. His uniquely diverse background of experience in the technology, sales and customer service industries affords our customers the one of the best options in the market for buying home services. Call today for a free Internet, TV, Wireless or Bundled Services Review and see why we have sold or installed over 20,000 customers in the South East since 2012. We are here to earn your business.