Internet and TV Providers in Pomona Park

There are two major wired providers that we offer in the Pomona Park area. These providers include: Windstream and AT&T. We also provide HughesNet's new Gen5 satellite internet service in the Pomona Park. Since we offer HughesNet's Gen5 speeds in Pomona Park, we can guarantee that we can get you 25 Mbps download speeds no matter where you are in Pomona Park. Of the wired providers offered in Pomona Park, AT&T has the most coverage area. 


Speeds Up to 85 Mbps

Now with the CenturyLink Price for Life promotion, you can not only take advantage of their fast speeds and unlimited data internet packages, but you can also guarantee that your monthly price will never change as long as you stay at your Pomona Park residence.                         


Speed Up to 100 Mbps

No matter if you're watching Netflix, posting on social media, gaming online with friends, shopping online at your favorite stores, or just browsing the web, Windstream's Pomona Park High Speed internet services will be able to provide you an easy and enjoyable internet experience. 


Speeds of 25 Mbps

No matter where you are in Pomona Park, HughesNet can provide you with most reliable internet service plans (as rated by the FCC). Now with no hard data limit and built in Wi-Fi, HughesNet can offer you 25 Mbps download speeds on all of their Pomona Park Gen5 offers.                                 

DIRECTV plans come with you local Pomona Park channels. Regional sports plans in the Pomona Park area are available on select packages. Both DIRECTV NOW and DIRECTV have apps that allow you to watch your favorites channels whether you're at your Pomona Park's home or not. 


Plans Starting At $35/mo*

With an AT&T Unlimited wireless plan, DIRECTV NOW customers can save $25/mo. Even on the most basic package, DIRECTV NOW is offering 60+ channels to Pomona Park customers. This basic package also comes with FS1, ESPN and ESPN2 at no additional charge. No need for a satellite dish, DIRECTV NOW is an online streaming that caters to the whole family. 


Plans Starting At $50/mo*

With an AT&T Unlimited wireless plan, DIRECTV customers can save $25/mo. Even on the most basic package, DIRECTV is offering 140+ channels to its customers. When you go with the DIRECTV satellite plans, you also get to enjoy your local Pomona Park channels and the Pomona Park regional sports channels on select packages.                              


*Plans and offers in Pomona Park subject to change. Updated as of June 17,2017


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